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Entertainment Libraries

Our entertainment libraries, include television programs, feature films, music CDs, video games, new books, comic novels and special gifts. These comprehensive "entertainment libraries" are carefully selected & assembled to support not just the first individual request, but ultimately the entire ship, command or military base.

"Returning to Guam"

Navy Ships

An entertainment library for the

USS Ronald Reagan CVA 76

An entertainment

library for the

USS Helena

SSN 725

and sister submarine

USS Asheville

SSN 758

"We commend Project:Hollywood Cares for delivering over 600 DVD movies to USS Helena SSN 725 and sister sub, USS Asheville, SSN 758 based in San Diego, California."

"...Chief of the Boat"

USS Helena Scan.jpg

Our nuclear submarines especially are in need and appreciate these entertainment libraries!

A special day as the USS Los Angeles visits her namesake city!

Unpacking entertainment libraries aboard the

USS Bulkeley DDG-84 


Battlefield Commands


“Your group that specifically sends the kind of entertainment that these guys are used to is truly awesome to see. As much as our guys like to get packages full of junk food and magazines, a box of DVDs or a couple of XBox games goes a long way to boost morale. Again, thank you for keeping us in mind and supporting us. I've attached a picture of our platoon to this email as a small thank you.”

Sgt. LL,   Squad Leader US Army

Military Bases


An entertainment library for the

Kadena Air Force Base

Okinawa, Japan


and...Manas Air Base, Kurdistan

Manas one.jpg

A library for the new barracks building at the

Wounded Warrior Battalion West at Camp Pendleton


The Long Beach Veterans Hospital and Cabrillo House


To Our Supporters

It is through your donations that we are able to send these extremely comprehensive libraries to our troops stationed around the world, thank you for supporting our mission.

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